Access Boss

Control the Internet access of various users on your PC

Access Boss is a great access management utility that allows any system administrator to restrict the time when a specified group of users is allowed to log on a local or network computer. Limiting access hours can be very beneficial to both corporate IT departments, small business and even individuals. Many parents found it to be a great idea to limit access to computer for their children to off-school hours only. Corporate network administrators nowadays restrict user logon time to the work hours only to avoid any mishaps when no qualified staff is available to monitor users.

Importantly, Access Boss can limit access hours for the network user logon, as well as restrict logon time for the local computers access. The other benefit of having this access management utility is the guaranty that no auxiliary staff (cleaners or security guards) can access computers and play card games, listen to music or browse through data.

Access Boss


Access Boss 2.3.9